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Programs & Partnerships

Cost of Caring Campaign

For hospice, the cost of caring is $137. This is the average cost per day for hospice care in the Tulsa area.
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Friends Care Fund

The Friends Care Fund was created to meet the unique and particular needs of the patients and families we support.  These needs are not a part of their medical care but they make a huge difference in their quality of life.
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For Love and Art

Great Art deserves to be enjoyed by people of all ages, but for some of our patients, physical issues and immobility make this appreciation nearly impossible. Friends of Hospice Foundation has found a way to reignite this passion. For Love and Art is a virtual artbook that features high-definition digital photos or art pieces. Museums from around the country have supplied For Love and Art with the tools we need to put Art back into the hearts of those who desire to see it most.
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Because Hope Matters

Friends of Hospice Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership with our friends at The University of Oklahoma School of Medicine and School of Social Work. Friends of Hospice Foundation will be part of an ongoing study that will research the importance of hope in death and dying with our hospice patients and their hospice care providers.
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