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Because Hope Matters

Friends of Hospice Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership with our friends at The University of Oklahoma School of Medicine and School of Social Work. Friends of Hospice Foundation will be part of an ongoing study that will research the importance of hope in death and dying with our hospice patients and their hospice care providers.

Not many people view living as a goal, but those with a terminal illness must do so in order to live fully. Currently, there is not much scientific data that proves whether or not hope is an aid to a higher quality of life in patients with terminal illness, so the students at the University of Oklahoma will be seeking to further explore this.

The number one priority of hospice is to manage physical, emotional, and mental pain in the patient. There is value in encouraging cognitive sets that promote less physical and psychological pain. One such cognitive set is hope. Using hope as part of goal oriented living heightens the quality of life in a terminally ill person.

The University of Oklahoma students will study the patients along with their hospice care providers. They will explore the role of the care provider, and the importance of instilling hope in the patient, along with keeping their own spirits up, and not experiencing burn-out or compassion fatigue. The students’ ultimate goal is to better understand the relationship between both parties involved and further learn how hope is of central importance to improving care for hospice patients.

Together with OU, Friends of Hospice Foundation will seek to answer questions such as, what is hope? How does hope affect both the patient and the care provider? And what are some practical hope-inspiring strategies for the patients and care providers? We are honored to be on this journey of discovery with the University of Oklahoma, and we look forward to sharing our findings with you later on.