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Cost of Caring Campaign

For hospice, the cost of caring is $137. This is the average cost per day for hospice care in the Tulsa area. But sadly many people in our community cannot afford this, either because of lack of insurance, or the insurance they do have (including Medicaid) doesn’t cover hospice care. These patients are all somebody’s loved one. They are moms, dads, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors. While a few hospices provide cost-free care to these unfunded patients, many others are unable to care for patients in need without financial help.

More figures below:

  • $137 covers the cost of care and support for one day
  • $400 gives a family three days of respite from the demands of caring for a terminally ill loved one
  • $950 provides a week of hospice care as an optional treatment for terminal patients
  • $1,500 aids in the education and bereavement counseling training for hospice staff in perinatal palliative care.
  • $2,200 helps defray the cost of burying a loved one for families, regardless of their ability to pay