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For Love and Art Partnership

Great Art deserves to be enjoyed by people of all ages, but for some of our patients, physical issues and immobility make this appreciation nearly impossible. Friends of Hospice Foundation has found a way to reignite this passion. For Love and Art is a virtual artbook that features high-definition digital photos or art pieces. Museums from around the country have supplied For Love and Art with the tools we need to put Art back into the hearts of those who desire to see it most.

For Love and Art promotes a healthy and inspirational relationship between the patient and the hospice volunteer. Together, they are able to delve into the world of Art by looking through the pictures in the digital artbook. Rejuvenation, Healing, and Joy are all top principles experienced by everyone involved.

This artbook circulation is similar to that of a library. Friends of Hospice Foundation will lend out copies of the artbooks to hospice volunteers for a period of 4 days. When those 4 days are over, the hospice volunteer will send the artbook back to the Foundation. This period of time allows for bonding and restoration between the patient and volunteer.

It is crucial for this passion to not be extinguished, but fueled, and the virtual artbooks provided by Friends of Hospice Foundation do just that. For Love and Art provides patients with limited mobility the opportunity to experience Art the way they once had. It gives them fulfillment and pleasure, but most importantly it provides them with hope.

Join us as we bring hope back into the lives of hundreds of people. It is only through complete collaboration between museums, hospice volunteers, and donors that we are able to breathe fullness into hundreds of people who would otherwise feel empty. For Love and Art is a celebration of life and hope.