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Friends Care Fund

For the past few years, the Foundation has worked hard to provide resources to subsidize the hospice organizations who generously contribute care to patients and families who have no resources to pay for that care.  Through that effort and with your help, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of some exceptional families in our community.  While that effort has been worthwhile and rewarding it has become clear to the Foundation Board that the name we have operated under does not reflect the expanded commitment we have to all in need in Eastern Oklahoma.

We are so excited to announce that from this moment forward, the Foundation will be known as the Friends of Hospice Foundation!  With this new name, the commitment and mission of the Foundation becomes clearer to everyone and out intention to serve all those in need in Northeast Oklahoma come to life in new and exciting ways.

As a rebirth of the Foundation’s mission to provide for those in need, we created a new fund to meet the unique and particular needs of the patients and families we support.  These needs are not a part of their medical care but they make a huge difference in their quality of life.  This new FRIENDS CARE FUND will provide funds for special requests that are unimaginable to deal with:

For example, a ramp at the front or back door means an opportunity to be outside and to have time with family not focused on the illness.  Volunteers are willings, but the materials to build it are $600.  Friends Care Fund can provide those supplies.

A caregiver can’t leave for even a short while because the patient cannot be left along without a way to communication but the family can’t pay the phone bill any longer.  $236 pays for a 6 month prepaid phone for the family.

Hospice is taking care of the medical needs of the terminal patient.  But what about the rest of the family?  Caregivers are finding themselves with a choice between buying their own medication or for buying groceries for the family.  Friends Care Fund can eliminate that choice.

The Bible is the only spiritual comfort that a patient has but eyesight is failing and bigger print is needed.  A large print Bible is $100.  Friends Care Fund can provide that spiritual support and ease the pain of dealing with the pending death.

Brothers have not spoken for twenty five years and now one is dying and the other is in another part of the country.  Neither can afford a plane ticket that allows for healing the family.  Friends Care Fund can bring them together and give them a chance to restore their relationship and reunite with their family.

We are so thankful to everyone who has donated to the FRIENDS CARE FUND to date.  If you would like more information about the fund, please contact us today!

Donors to the Friends Care Fund to date: 

$2,500 Donors:

  • James Curtis
  • Mark & Laura Short

$2,000 Donors:

  • David and Paula Balezentis

$1,000 Donors:

  • Jean Carter

$500 Donors:

  • Peter and Rachel Allen
  • Karen Mitchell
  • Tony and Heidi Ducato
  • Josh and Kathleen Loehr

$250 Donors:

  • Jim and Kimberly Lazenby
  • Brian and Laura Singleton
  • John and Molly Parker
  • Leonard and Jenny McCullough
  • Troy and Laurie Bundy

$200 Donors:

  • Nick Hamra and Krista Cisneras

$100 Donors:

  • Mitchell Garrett and Shannon Martin
  • Joey and Haley DeLeon
  • Greg and Melissa Moore
  • David and Diane White
  • Adam and Lisa Marshall
  • Lexie Standford
  • John Landers
  • Brian Swenson
  • Ray Boellmer
  • Mickael and Michelle Crum
  • Scott and Gail Garcia

$50 Donors:

  • Marke Burroughs
  • Dee and Darwin Childs
  • Sal and Bonnie Martinez
  • Travis Meyer
  • Frank Brown and Lisa Nelson
  • Rob Haight and Jamie Hanford

$10 Donors:

  • Kay Krisgershutz